Refund policy

Ballantrae Shop intends to guarantee maximum customer satisfaction.

If for any reason the customer is not satisfied with the order, or in the unfortunate case in which products that do not comply with the requirements are delivered, pursuant to Art. 64 of Legislative Decree no. 206/2005, the Customer has the right to withdraw from the contract and without necessarily specifying the reason within the term of fourteen (14) working days starting from the date of receipt of the products.

Conditions for accepting the return

The garments must not have been worn, washed or altered and must not show any signs of wear or damage. Each garment must be returned including all original labels, packaging and accessories (Dustbags, Clothes covers, Hangers, etc ..) received with the order.

All footwear and accessories must be returned together with their original box, which is considered to all intents and purposes an integral part of the product itself and which must not have been damaged and / or altered in any way.

Ballantrae Shop reserves the right to refuse the return of those products that do not comply with the required requirements.

Products purchased online can also be refunded or returned to our store in Spinea Ve, Italy via Roma 129

Communication to exercise the right of withdrawal

The customer can exercise the right of withdrawal by sending a written communication to Ballantrae Shop through our "Contact Us" form

- First name

- Surname

- The order number for which you intend to exercise the right of withdrawal

- Any motivation

If your initial order did not, for any reason, have any shipping costs, in the event of returning one or more items, we will charge the cost of shipping costs, as a contribution to the costs we incurred for the shipping of your order. . This amount will be deducted from your refund.

Replacement of the purchased item

In case of replacement due to Size / Age-Measure change, the Customer must send a written communication to Ballantrae Shop through our "Contact Us" form indicating:

- First name

- Surname

- The number of the order for which the exchange is intended

- Indicate Size / Age-Measure

To speed up everything and block the requested item, you can contact the number +39 041/8020380 (shop hours) or the number +39 340/4838500 and indicate the data described above.

In the event that the customer requests the size-measurement change of the purchased goods, the shipping costs for the return of the goods are charged to the customer. This possibility is granted to the customer on condition that the new good requested is of the same model as the one you intend to return. After checking the availability of the goods requested for the size-measurement change, after having actually received the goods returned by the Customer, it will supply the goods in the sizes-measurements indicated without further increase in shipping costs for the Customer. Any confirmation of the availability of the requested size / age-measurement, communicated to the customer at the time of the exchange request, does not guarantee that at the time of actual receipt of the returned item at the Ballantrae Shop headquarters, the new size-measurement is still available: in case of unavailability, the customer can communicate to Ballantrae Shop his will to withdraw from the purchase.


In the event that you intend to withdraw from a purchase by requesting a full refund of the amount paid, once the goods have been received back, Ballantrae Shop will re-credit the costs incurred by the customer in full, withholding the shipping money previously paid during check-out.

In the event that you intend to withdraw by requesting a partial refund of the purchase (for example, if you are requesting the refund of only one item out of two purchased), then we will refund the sum, but not including the shipping costs already paid.

Re-credit of the refund

Once the integrity of the goods has been ascertained, the entire amount paid will be refunded within three (3) working days in the manner agreed upon during the return request. The refund will be paid in the same payment methods occurred during the purchase phases, for purchases made by cash on delivery the payment will be made via PayPal or Rechargeable Card (Postepay)

The actual time for crediting or returning the sums paid for the purchase of the products depends on the agreed refund methods:

It is not possible for Ballantrae Shop to control this process

1. Refund by credit / rechargeable card: after the recharge has been completed, the time required to view the refund depends on the institution that issued the credit / rechargeable card.

2. Refund via PayPal: the refund will be made to your PayPal account and will be immediately visible.

3. Refund by bank transfer: the refund may be visible on the customer's bank account statement up to 30 (thirty) days from the refund date.

Ballantrae Shop will send an e-mail notification once the refund has been made.

Ballantrae Shop will refund the price of the goods for which the Customer has exercised the right of withdrawal, withholding the amount of the shipping costs incurred by the Customer at the time of the order.

For any other request, please contact us directly from the "Contact us" form